where the story began.....my grandmother's locket



My fascination with lockets began when I painted a tiny watercolour bee in a Victorian locket that had once belonged to my grandmother, and I loved wearing it so much that I began gathering a collection.

Most of my Victorian and Edwardian lockets are double sided, and each one is a frame for my artwork. Butterflies, bees, ladybirds and flowers from my garden are always an inspiration.

Every one I source has its own history, and there may be some small sign of its great age….. a part of its extraordinary long life story.

Each locket is unique, and I can make it extra personal by adding a special date or initials, or very tiny personal message in pen and ink to make it truly bespoke. My hanko (see About) also plays a part - it fits in beautifully, and is also my signature.

I include a long leather thong attached to the locket, but it can also be hung on your own chosen chain. Please remember to take off your locket when bathing, showering or swimming - it’s watercolour!

Please contact me with any enquiries or if you’d like to discuss any ideas you may have for a special commission.

Please email your address for shipping costs (not included). pink@pinkharrison.co.uk

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